Color Duels’ services are developed to let you satisfy two different needs. Time is a crucial requirement for learning, this is why I built several different experiences. If you are looking for an ongoing efficient and cost-effective the weekly Color Correction Workshop will serve you well. If you need to expand your skills as soon as possible, my live online conference-call will just do it. With a completely modular approach these can serve as a quick focused consulting, to a complete masterclass.


An honest approach to education in the color world, is not just to share knowledge. My goal is not to teach you how I do things, instead I want to expand your skills, your culture for color, so that every time you read an image, every step you plan to correct a photo it will be your set of knowledge, and creativity, to make decisions, not just my ideas. This, of course, requires more work, but will serve you for a lifetime. Thanks to comparison, to a precise etiquette, this will be interesting and practical.

Choose Your Path

If you’re looking for help or want to make a gift write me!

Your Education, Hand-Made

Your education hand-made

Pick your topics, and choose how to learn them

You can fine-tune your consulting as you wish. More theory, more practice, what elements to avoid, what to learn deeper.

These below are some examples of what we can achieve, you will be redirected to a page where it is possible to build your own combination of theory and practice. If you’re looking for something different, just let me know.


Some Theory Combinations


One hour conference call, to solve a specific issue, or learn a particular topic.


Three hours, in one or three conference calls, to get deep in a topic, or to strengthen your workflow.


Nine hour of custom training and 25 images to correct, that you (or we) choose. Great to start or to widen your skills set.


Sixteen hours and 50 images to correct, a full-fledged learning experience.

Some Practice Combinations

10 Images

A ten images set, that we will evaluate together in an half-hour conference call. Great for improving in a specific field.

25 Images

Twenty-five images in two sets to correct that we will evaluate in two half-hour conference calls. Very valuable for beginners to get up to speed.

50 Images

Five sets of ten images, and five half-hour conference-calls, this is the best to improve in the shortest amount of time.