Learning Experience Designing

I spent a great deal of time building ColorDuels, researching, developing and publishing a complete learning experience. I believe in usability, in engagement, in a data-driven approach to development. A complete experience should be easy for Users, and efficient for Clients. Training often requires multiple sessions and time, and it shouldn’t be wasted on learning how to use the platform. In case you need assistance down the road, below you will find a form to write me.

 var $yourproject;
 if ( $yourproject = is_educational ) {
	echo "Not yet!";
 else if ( $yourproject = will_be_online {
	echo "Almost there...";
 else if ($yourproject = is_verygood) {
	echo "Let's talk!"

Advanced Projects Consulting

I did some crazy things with this project, in more than six years of development, If faced some tough issues, and built a solid problem solving skillset in education and user experience. The tools I like are simple, affordable, and well maintained. It is not something I work with very often, but if your stuck on something, write me!


Services For Photographers

My core experience is in color correction. I have a comprehensive list of services dedicated to Photographers. From buying advices, workflows setups, to training and backing up protocols. Sometimes what is needed is just an hour to save hundreds. Also for selected projects I also color correct, so if you have something very important to post-produce please write me below for a quote.