An Honest Introduction

Work and improve when you want, from anywhere, anytime. I built a learning experience that focus on the best tool there is to improve photographies: our brain. In the Color Correction Workshop you will learn to read an image, to evaluate its issues and hidden potentialities. But more, you will see your work confronted with other’s enthusiasts, pros and beginners, to instantly understand goods and bads, and the incredible ideas that comes out everytime. The value, efficiency and speed of this kind of training is unmatched, and it is at least as important as theory (to me much more, but can debate).

Beware, this is not a series of short shallow videos you can play in the background while doing other things. The Workshop requires a minimum of half an hour of practice per week (but if you want to work more I got you!). You need to be ready to fail, as failing is the first necessary step to improve as a colorist, and to advance your skills. Always remember, a pro is not someone who doesn’t makes mistakes, they just are less frequent. I started the Workshop in Italy in 2011, we worked on hundreds of originals, with thousands of versions. My method can be a mouthful at the beginning, this is why I developed a tool that will help with definitions the first times. There is also a free trial to jump in and watch some free videos.

Learning Photoshop tools is not enough to improve your images, as cookbooks don’t make a chef, the Workshop is your test-kitchen to concoct any kind of experiments.

Daniele Di Stanio

Our Topics


Post-producing your images with respect, without overdoing or distorting them. Achieving their chromatic potential without twisting your perceived reality.


Every step of the photographic process, from the digital file origin, to its archiving. From shooting to printing, researching and understanding differences between raster and RAW.


Advanced tools, and their quick and rational usage. Their integration in a modern RAW workflow. “Photoshop” is just a name, we actually use, or try, all kind of softwares and brands.


What is correct and what is not, the differences between objective and subjective. What does work, and why, and how this influences photography improvements.


How our visual system works, and how it can affect our job as colorist and color correction. Why and when we should take this into account.


Tools to manage, share, and archive our work. Less known, and independent extensions. The best hardwares & softwares around.

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