Daniele Di Stanio

I’m a color correction teacher based in Rome, and I build modern and effective learning experiences.

Color Duels is my favorite project, I’m devoting most of my time to it, although I enjoy a good collaboration once in a while, like the one listed below.

In my 10+ years of training I collected thousands of hours in all educational’s paradigms.

I had the privilege to be trained about color by Dan Margulis, and to fully witnessing his method of research and development.

Foto Marco Diodato, Color: Claudio Stefanini

Photo by Marco Diodato, Color by: Claudio Stefanini

After a fulfilling 5+ years of classroom teaching I was blessed to meet and connect with Alessandro Bernardi, at the time colorist and manager of Dan’s classes in Italy, and my classmates: Davide Barranca, Marco Olivotto, Tiziano Fruet, Marco Diodato and Giuliana Abbiati (their sites are listed below).

Our clash of ideas, and deep dissatisfaction of many elements in our professional fields, let us stick together for a long time, and build such an important friendship.

I spent years researching and investigating e-learning tools and technologies, to improve Color Duels further.

My studies are continuing, and my efforts towards Duels and the Panel are stronger than ever.

Color Duels

Duels is a modern, practical, e-learning experience about color correction, post-production, Photoshop and photography. Its goal is to define, promulgate and develop a color culture.

By standardising and continuously confronting colorist on our discipline we collectively improve our skills. By working on real images we extend our culture and sense of aesthetics.


Duels logos evolution

This project was born in Rome, in italian, in 2011, and replicated world-wide in english in 2013.

There are many pages in the footer where you can read more informations about what I do, how I work, and the tools I use.

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Past Projects


Francesco Zizola & 10b Photography

For two years I sided Francesco Zizola and his 10b Photography. One of most relevant photojournalist in the world, with his thirteen World Press Photo Awards, and a unbelievable career and knowledge in photography. It was a very important experience to have, absorbing an entire ethic code, working on images as well as videos, and being able to experiment with training activities.

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Fabbrica Cinema

2012 to 2016 I co-founded, been in the Board of Directors and was responsible of all educational activities and projects for Fabbrica Cinema. Fabbrica was the meeting point of five Italian movie business’ giants. More than 22.000 squared meters of buildings in Rome, a group that contained the cutting edge technologies of Margutta Digital, the technical mastery of Fratelli Cartocci and the prestigious archives of Annamode Costumi. It was an fast-paced impressive growth, both for me and the project.

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