The Original File

Improvements : more Photographers and photo genres

I continuously look for new original images, or genres, with a great educational value. I’m not ruling out the chance of working on non-photographic images as well. Like architectural rendering, or graphic compositions. We use professional images from professional photographers, that we thank.

File Sharing

Improvements : none

I’ve been using Dropbox for ages, as well as other advanced services. Each Panel’s member will have a private folder shared only with me where to place corrections. This allows me to collect images at the last time, before recording the video.

Working And Sending

Improvements : none

The entire corrections handling process is something I’ve standardised and updated for years. The Panel export images in sRGB to be sure we will enjoy the video at its best.

PSD Master File

Improvements : evaluation of softwares other than Photoshop

The PSD master file I build every week contains the original file as well as an average, composed by all Panel’s versions. Few times each year I scan the web to see if there are different softwares we can use, like Affinity Photo.

Video Recording

Improvements : developing new ways of confronting images

I record the video on a 1920 by 1080 pixels calibrated Eizo’s Color Edge, so that you can see the iamges pixel for pixel like I was seeing them.

Compression & Exporting

Improvements : investigation, trials and deployments of H.265 and 4k

I then export the videos with a dedicated H.264 hardware encoder for the best quality. My codec’s settings were tuned in years of trials, and are updated at least yearly.

Upload & Distribution

Improvements : none

I chose the best compromise for video broadcasting. Vimeo has a great resolution and colo accuracy. Videos, and streaming, will always be a little compromise, but let’s remember back in the day we used projectors. What we can achieve with streaming is so much better.

Video Watching

Improvements : improvements to color management distribution

I spent a huge amount of time tweaking all details to allow you to watch videos in the best way, but some key things are up to you. It is a good idea to build a page with color management note about what to do, and how to confirm you’re seeing the right colors.

Hardware & Software

Some of the tools I use to evaluate, handle, and archive Workshop’s images and to produce, and publish my videos. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of these producers, nor I have ever received any money from them.


Apple Mac Pro

To produce, export and upload my videos I work on a Pro with a RAID0 and a PCI-E SSD.


Eizo ColorEdge

Your corrected images are evaluated in two steps, on an iMac5k for details and sharpening, and on a ColorEdge for color and contrast.


Rode NT-4

Great attention to audio quality as well with a stunning mic from Rode.


Apogee One

I use a dedicate audio board and interface, the mic is using a Phantom +48v.


Apple iMac 5k

All developments and day-by-day operations are on an Apple iMac5k.



I write content on several devices, all synced with Ulysses.


Synology Ds412+

ColorDuels is huge, several hundreds of Gigabytes, everything is archived on a NAS with a RAID10 setup.


Google Drive

As an additional security layer the NAS is then mirrored online with a Google Drive account.