The Workshop’s purpose is to advance our discipline, our culture, and our skills. To achieve this we work on images. We correct images of genres we’re not familiar with, images from professionals, or experiment with different techniques, aesthetics.


Each week we work on a new image, I will compare the results, a fundamental confrontation that is extremely important for our education. A great deal of technology is involved to provide the best quality. A winner will be picked, and this version will be part of our archives.

The Winner

For each assignment I look for the version that best represents the optimal path for a photo. Often the post-production path we chose is not the best, or we are not able to walk it down efficiently. But most of the times it is clear to me that there is a version is to prefer. I will always unquestionably choose the Winner.


Now, if you have no much issues with the “unquestionable” word you just read, we may have a problem. In a confrontation that, in part, involves aesthetics, it is not wealthy, nor right, that I will be the only voice. Probably I’m the more experienced, but I chose to also implement a chat were you will be very welcomed to disagree.


Color correction purpose is to improve an image, to both correct it and make it more beautiful. This combination of objective and subjective is why there is never a definitive answer. It can’t exist a colorist that is always better. Experience helps in the long run, but excellency can always happens in beginners. This is why this Workshop is not intended solely for experts nor amateurs, but is useful for both.


We define, then, an experienced colorist a professional that makes less mistakes, that is more disciplined in large batches of images. Someone that is also able to proficiently read an image, and to bend it to serve a purpose. This is also why disagreeing is so important, it widens our skills collectively.

Final Notes

This is not a set of rules. This is my view, at the moment, of things should be done so that everyone feels free and respected in manifesting ideas. I build the workshop for colorist that want to be challenged, that want to improve, and having fun during the process. I hope you will enjoy the expierence.