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Color correction is a discipline, and as such uses a series of terms that help us to better define concepts, and understand each other. Some of these terms, the most commonly used, are collected and defined in the Glossary.

Also, I try to link these definitions in the articles and pages whenever I use them. When you see a link that has a different style, for example contrast, you can read the definition without leaving the page. If you’re looking for a definition in particoular, write me, I will add it if possible.

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My point of view on color world, photography, perception. What defines my method, what sets it apart.

Photography & Color

Our pursuit for quality begins in-camera. Related disciplines fundamentals and our quest for perfection.

Color Correction

What is subjective and what objective. Core concepts, tools and steps to improve a digital image.


Notes on the digital path, from capture to delivery. How, and much, to respect our different needs.

Hardware & Software

Products, services and tools that will help in our work. Efficiency, performances and security.

Photos Issues

A collection of the problems that affect photographies. Examples, definitions, and quick solutions.

What is Color Correction

In this website color correction refers to all the steps that improve and enhance an image. Improving an image means to work (if necessary) an all its qualities: exposure, contrast, saturation, color variation and sharpening. But color correction has different meanings as well, and the act of improving photos can have different names. Let’s try to define this better.

In: Introduction

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Photoshop and math

Every colorists mixed blessings, the most effective tools in Photoshop are the ones deeply connected with math. Why Photoshop and math have such a strong connection, and why are we still witnessing it? Could it be possible a digital color world without numbers? And would this be even desirable?

In: Introduction

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What is simultaneous contrast

A quite interesting concept that may introduce colorist to learn the visual system and appearance phenomena. Very useful for retouchers and photographers, simultaneous contrast, is a topic missing in the vast majority of learning experiences, workshops and classes, in digital photography, color correction and Photoshop.

In: Photography & Color

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Why Range Mask will change everything in RAW processing

Adobe latest update to Creative Cloud apps gave us a new Photoshop (now version CC2018) that doesn’t introduces improvements for colorists. But there is a new tool that may very well represents the beginning of the end for the Lightroom / Photoshop dualism.

In: Workflow

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Learning simultaneous contrast

I strongly believe in defining and limiting the purpose and range of our studies. Especially if our desire is to work as a colorist. Simultaneous contrast is an interesting phenomenon that can change a color correction, but is it helpful to learn about it?

In: Photography & Color

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What is White balance

One of the easiest things to correct in a photograph, is also the most common mistake that colorists do. Let’s try to understand together what is white balance, how it works, and what are the rules we can follow, and the ones we can bend.

In: Color Correction

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Ethics and culture in post production

In: Photography & Color

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