What is simultaneous contrast

Key Facts: Simultaneous contrast is a visual perception phenomenon. The visual system is composed by mechanical, optical, chemical and electrical subsets. The evolution of the visual system didn’t focus on precision, but rather on usefulness. For survival it is much more important to distinguish (or separate) a lion in the middle of savannah, than it […]

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Learning simultaneous contrast

Color correction core concepts comes from far away. Many visual system’s empirical aspects were known even a hundred fifty years ago. What changed, a lot, is the professionals (artists, painters, designers) approach to technical subjects. Two hundreds years ago painters were art directors, creatives, scholars of light, colors and pigments, and held responsibilities for their […]

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Ethics and culture in post production

Il primo di una serie di articoli sul rapporto tra etica e ritocco dell’immagine. In disaccordo continuo con chi ripete (con una certa frequenza) che, oggi, grazie ai tutorial è possibile imparare tutto, mi sono guardato un po’; indietro. La mia frustrazione più grande non è legata ai temi specifici che tratta questo sito, anzi […]

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