Each week you can download an unedited RAW photo from a professional. Investigating it, correct it, and improve it.


You will have a week to place your version in a Dropbox folder shared with me. You can use any software, any tools.


The following week I will produce and publish a private 1080HD video that will confront all versions, yours included.

In Few Words

This Workshop is built around three key aspects. The images, the Panel, and the Confrontation. I spent a great amount of time gathering effective images from real professionals. You’ll join a Panel of colorists, that will be a huge boost to your education, providing a great amount of guidance and inspiration. Finally you will see your corrections confronted, weekly, with others’ this will engage you in doing the best you can and experiment more.

Join The “Panel”

All Workshop’s members will join a Panel of colorists, that will, week in week out, advances our culture and speeds our improvements. Panel’s ideas and techniques can be discussed in a private chat, where you will be very welcomed to politely, but firmly, disagree with me. My role will be to evaluate all versions, trying to find the best one, while explaining my motivations. It is also possible to ask questions about an image, or a tool. Here are some numbers.

Corrections sent
Days of activity
Hours of videos

Challenge The Bests

Premium and Professional members will have an incredible tool to challenge from day one all of our past winners. I developed a page where you can choose an original, and download it, and locally (it means it stays on your computer) upload your version. Now it will be compared with the best that I collected in years of work.

You can do this with hundreds of images, when you want, how you want. How many times you like! And if you think you overcome the winner do not forget to share your version with me, I will be update the archive, and you will be the new winner to challenge.

Why It Works

The Original

Real images from real professionals, colorist or photographers. We have six different levels of difficulty.


We learn to “read” an unedited image, what to correct, and what to improve. And Why.


We can use whatever tool we like, and ask any kind of question. I will answer in a video.


We will extend our skills and sense of aesthetics, by comparing our results with other colorists’ ones.


The confrontation will be on several key aspects, plus we will also take a look at the average version.


Each version will be evaluated in the video by me, after it will be possibile to comment in our chat.

How To Join

Yearly subscriptions (two months for free), VAT exemptions, and Gifts are available if you want to know more write me!


  • 1 weekly original to correct
  • 1080p HD video
  • 1 monthly Milestone
  • Color Questions
  • 3 extra videos
  • Panel’s Chat

29$ / month


  • Everything in the “Classic” profile, and:
  • Duels!
  • Vaults access:
  • all videos since 2013
  • all originals since 2013
  • Codex’s Beta access

50$ / month


  • Everything in the “Premium” profile, and:
  • Conference call:
  • 1 hour of videocall
  • custom and private
  • theory or practice?
  • We’ll choose toghether

100$ / month

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to ask more, please feel free to contact me.

How much time I will invest?

I work continuously to refine the experience, to make it as efficient as possible. If you are short on time, and want the bare minimum you will be fine with one hour per week, even less. Videos are usually between 15 and 30 minutes. If you want to invest more time, there are many more things you can do, chat, questions, extras. Professional & Premium members also have Duels and the Vaults, this can extend your experience as mush as you wish.

Are there pre-requisites?

This is a learning experience, colorist come here to learn. Of corse starting from scratch can be a mouthful, due to the complexity of Photoshop. But if you already opened Photoshop and Lightroom, you will be fine, especially if you don’t like your results. If you know about RGB, LAB and CMYK, and know about luminosity, saturation and contrast, the videos will be easy to follow. But videos are there especially if you never heard of these. There are several system to support colorist while they’re studying, and you can reach for me anytime.

Is the payment method safe?

There are few cases where you can answer with a loud, satisfying, yes! Color Duels uses Stripe, a strong, modern platform used by massive enterprises. I do not collect any info about your credit card, these details will be handled by Stripe. All prices includes italian IVA (a mandatory VAT, 22%). If you are a business that qualifies it will be removed during checkout. If you want to know more about how I deal with security I published an extra page.

What are the differences between profiles?

I chose to differentiate the profiles on a learning needs base. If you’re looking for a casual experience the Classic profile is for you. If you want to speed things up, the Premium is extremely cost-effective, giving you tens of hours of education each months. Finally, if you need custom training as well, the Professional profile will give you a conference call with me where we will be able to discuss the basis, or specific needs, like workflow tuning, or backups strategies.

Are there any extras?

This job is my passion, and I make a lot of trials and experimentation. Some of these will become extra videos, for example you can find one about photojournalism ethics, with the slides I used in a workshop I taught with Francesco Zizola. Also you can ask all the questions you want, I will reply ASAP in a custom video.

I still have doubts…

No problem! This is way I inserted a free trial to allow you peak inside the Dashboard (the page where I upload originals and videos), without asking for your credit card details. If you want, you can register for 14days, watch some videos, and think about it. It is not possible, yet, to allow you to participate with your version, because we have burst of new users, and I have to keep the level steady.

Want to know more? I published an Help page just for you!