Each week you can download an unedited RAW photo from a professional. Investigating it, correct it, and improve it.


You will have a week to place your version in a Dropbox folder shared with me. You can use any software, any tools.


The following week I will produce and publish a private 1080HD video that will confront all versions, yours included.

Core Experience

The “Classic” profile is the Workshop’s core experience. One image per week, joining the Panel, and the 1080HD videos.

It requires around an hour per week, but this can be extended by engaging with the Chat or Color Questions (details below).

Workshop’s profiles are not developed around difficulty but educational value, if you want to learn faster, or correct more images, please take a look at the Premium and Professional profiles.

The Classic experience is dedicated to beginners, or users that want to play for longer periods of times. Users that have very little time will find it interesting and fun.



Simple, just-working, group chat to leave a comment or engage with other Panel’s users. You can follow in-page, or via a mobile or desktop app, or avoiding altogether, your choice! I use it to notify about new images/videos.

Color Questions

A new feature to reply to questions, to keep the weekly video as brief as possible. Here we’ll talk about news, or specific questions, that you can ask, anytime, via a form.

Extra Videos

Also, in the private area you will find three extra videos, some are lessons from precious courses. Plus, a one hour video dedicated to beginners.

How To Join

Yearly subscriptions (two months for free), VAT exemptions, and Gifts are available if you want to know more write me!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to ask more, please feel free to contact me.

What images I will work on?

Images are our most important asset. I personally pick them from professional photographers, that work on different fields. It is very important to work, as well, on images that make you uncomfortable, to understand how these works, and what tools to use.

Do I have to be “good” to subscribe?

When we join a learning experience we do it to learn. It doesn’t really matter your knowledge, we will change some things anyway. A good colorist is not someone that doesn’t makes mistakes, but someone that’s wrong less frequently. When we start correcting images, it is absolutely normal to make mistakes, that is the very first sign of learning. In case you prefer not to share your corrections at first, you may just watch the videos (after a while I will ask you to join) or use the Duels feature in the Premium profile.

Should I know Photoshop, or theory?

Let’s take the average photographer, is that someone that studies photography’s techniques and art before buying a camera? It is absolutely natural to engage in your studies while correcting images as well (and making mistakes).

Want to know more? I published an Help page just for you!