Each week we correct an image, you can use whatever software or techniques you like.


You can challenge the best of our past, on hundreds originals, when you want, how you want, how my times you want!


You will have full access to all our archives, categorised by years, difficulty and photographer.

Core Experience

I developed the Premium profile to extend the Classic experience, and give colorist all the tools I have to improve their studies, by leveraging our multi-years archives.

On top of the weekly corrections, Premium users will have the chance to challenge our bests with Duels, a tool I developed where you can confront your image with the winner’s version, on hundreds of images. Also, all originals, all videos, everything will be at your fingertips. Divided in categories.

You will choose how much time ti spend on your color-education, feel free to ask me to structure a plan together.



Easy and very effective, a page where you will be able to compare your image with the previous winner for that very image. Will you be able to do better? In that case, send me the image, you’re now the winner!


All our work, years of videos and corrections, everything categorised by year, difficulty, and photographer. Hundreds of videos, that you can navigate anytime.


Open access to the beta pages of the Codex Project. A full passive experience to learn color correction at your own rhythm.


Simple, just-working, group chat to leave a comment or engage with other Panel’s users. You can follow in-page, or via a mobile or desktop app, or avoiding altogether, your choice! I use it to notify about new images/videos.

Color Questions

A new feature to reply to questions, to keep the weekly video as brief as possible. Here we’ll talk about news, or specific questions, that you can ask, anytime, via a form.

Extra Videos

Also, in the private area you will find three extra videos, some are lessons from precious courses. Plus, a one hour video dedicated to beginners.

How To Join

Yearly subscriptions (two months for free), VAT exemptions, and Gifts are available if you want to know more write me!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to ask more, please feel free to contact me.

Is the Premium profile good for me?

I had in mind two kind of users for the Premium profile. Who want to manage autonomously his or her own education, by leveraging Duels, for example, or by watching progressively the archives. The second kind of users is colorists that want to learn faster, we can have a faster learning pace by adding Premium features on top of the Classic weekly experience. Let’s work on an learning plan together, if you like.

How Duels works?

We already worked on hundreds of images. For each one we have the original, the average and the winner’s version. You can download the original, and you can select one by difficulty, year or photographer, correct it and locally upload it (it will stay only on your computer). Now you will see your version alongside the Winner’s one. What you think is better? You can do this anytime, all the times you like.

What is the Vault?

All our work is safe in a set of pages that we call Vaults. Vaults are a comprehensive archives of originals, videos, and informations categorised by year, difficulty and photographer.

Want to know more? I published an Help page just for you!