To develop, publish, and distribute a useful learning experience, innovative and effective

A continuous effort to innovate. To extend the quality and range of Services for the Panel. To listen, and offer a healthy and unique confrontation. Working, refining, and synthesising the best learning experience ever. To build on the small and big data collected in more than six years of training to deepen our discipline. To populirise the importance of confrontation, disagreement, and discussion, in color correction.


Observing, listening, confronting, disagreeing, refining, are the key rules

Color correction is a discipline, but is also deeply related with aesthetic. The only professional way we have to evaluate if a post-production is “beautiful” is to compare it with another one. The confrontation, and the following analysis are necessary to grow, to improve. But there is another leve, even more important: disagreement. To be able to challenge your teacher, and your colleagues colorists is essential improve even more.


Freelancing at its best, the independence to evaluate and advice with no strings attached

I have no affiliation with any brand. I’ve not ever been paid by any brand, nor I have ever received any hardware by any brand. Software is more complicated, as of course I used free trials, or special deals and discounts. All softwares involved in my workflow are original, and paid in full by me, as it is all my hardware.


Founded on real images, questions and critiques of committed and active students. Based on real data, research and continuous development

This is not an easy project to develop, nor it is easy to maintain. This is a one-man-band business, and I cycle through web design, web development, content publishing. Yearly I review all my process, like exported videos quality, or data gathering and analysis. These tremendous efforts paid many times, though, as we now have a fully usable archive, and new ways of learning, like Duels.

The Panel

What really set this workshop apart, and makes it a unique experience wroldwide

Until 2016 this was an e-learning experience. Now it is a distributed research project, and collaboration. The Panel, or the group of colorist that are subscribed to the Workshop, can now be involved in asking questions, and other forthcoming educational initiatives, that will engage us in improving even more. In years of research we produced results that can withstand hard scrutiny. Now it is time to advance even more.