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A series about one of the most efficient features to subtract in Photoshop, with opacity and masks, let’s talk about blend modes.

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The following video previews are here to publicly give an idea of the direction I'm taking. To access these you need an active subscription to the Videocourse or Workshop.

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Blend modes: Difference

In the least of blend modes, Difference is the most important for analysis and testing. With numerical references the only way to gather absolute answers.

00:17:07 imageanalysis, Analisi

Blend modes: Multiply and Screen

A staple of any Photoshop based workflow, these two blend modes are between the top five most used ever.

00:24:04 colorcorrection, Correzione

Blend modes: Overlay

The blend mode I used the most in my colorist career, a Swiss knife that may be not as flexible as set of curves, but is for sure faster.

00:20:06 photoshop, Photoshop

Blend modes: Darken and Lighten

Two more blend modes, a bit on the weird side. Plus a difficult challenge in selecting and replacing a color.

00:28:59 photoshop, Photoshop

Blend modes: Luminosity and Color

The two real protagonist of any Photoshop-based workflow, that empowers us to separate an intervention in luminosity and chromatic component.

00:21:41 photoshop, Photoshop

Blend modes: Hue and Saturation

Two blend modes that are similar, yet very different to Luminosity and Color. Let’s see why, and how this affects their use.

00:22:46 photoshop, Photoshop