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A quick intro about a core component of our discipline. In color correction, we need to couple relative and aesthetics, with absolute and correct. Numbers are the best foundation to achieve this.

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The following video previews are here to publicly give an idea of the direction I'm taking. To access these you need an active subscription to the Videocourse or Workshop.

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What are memory colors?

An interesting, almost unrelated to color correction, topic. But incredibly important to demonstrate that the “color by the numbers” works.

00:09:23 imageanalysis, Analisi

Lab advantages over RGB

Thoughts about the reasons why we need to use Lab, instead of the default RGB, if we want to use “Color by the numbers”.

00:18:01 imageanalysis, Analisi

The analysis

The step where this method shines: reading the scene and measure its elements to chose the best path to correct the photo.

00:36:44 imageanalysis, Analisi


The second most important numeric reference, after neutrals, but by far the one that can saves so many images.

00:33:04 imageanalysis, Analisi


An important color to measure, and one that we can usually interpret. We’ll see what is its numerical range, and how much important it is in a correction.

00:33:24 imageanalysis, Analisi