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Possibly the most important section of any color correction training system. We’ll learn how to read and analyze both an original and a post-produced image.

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The following video previews are here to publicly give an idea of the direction I'm taking. To access these you need an active subscription to the Videocourse or Workshop.

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Value and meaning in photography

A quick take about photography analysis, how to dissect images trying to understand their values and qualities.

00:17:44 opinions, Opinioni

Analysis case study: Exposure

Reading and measuring originals, to deduct the correct exposure and brightness.

00:19:29 imageanalysis, Analisi

How to know when to stop

Let’s talk about the most challenging topic for beginners, understanding when to stop correcting a photo.

00:23:08 imageanalysis, Analisi

Leica, a project analysis

Preliminary observation on a very unusual set of photographs that you can find, and download, at this link.

00:37:10 imageanalysis, Analisi

Analysis case study: portraits

Proposed portrait analysis, and introduction to matching procedures.

00:46:52 imageanalysis, Analisi

Reading for trends

Notes on reading originals and post-productions to find trends in online communities and forums.

00:27:05 imageanalysis, Analisi

Developing your own style?

Where should we try understand trends about color correction, and why? Should we develop a personal style, or follow trends in our niche? Notes and reflections.

00:22:50 imageanalysis, Analisi

Image analysis done wrong

Let’s talk about why image comparison, so effective for color correction, is meaningless for cameras.

00:14:22 imageanalysis, Analisi

Analysis case study: The Steak

Thoughts and strategies about a very difficult set of challenges, unexpected both by amateurs and experts.

00:34:25 imageanalysis, Analisi

Analisys case study: Chocolates

Similar and at the same time different to The Steak this case study present a unique challenge in determining the correct color for multiple subjects.

00:16:37 imageanalysis, Analisi

The Aviator: final comments

Some additional comments on a very challenging image, after some unexpected messages.

00:18:40 imageanalysis, Analisi

St. Vincent set: analisys

A quick image reading, to try to understand if there is a color correction problem, and where it is.

00:07:58 imageanalysis, Analisi

2021 World Press Photo Award, Nominees reading

Thoughts and observations on the nominees’ results, close to winning one of the most popular photographic prizes in the world. To find common trends in color correction.

00:42:03 imageanalysis, Analisi

Greenwich astro ph of the year

How much scientific photography is cold and technical? Analysis and thoughts about the Greenwich astronomy photographer of the year.

00:20:10 imageanalysis, Analisi

WNPA 2020 reading

A quick overview of the World Nature Photography Awards, what separate nature and landscape photography from the previously discussed photojournalism?

00:18:11 imageanalysis, Analisi