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Introducing the Issues video series

A set of videos listing in depth all issues we can find in un-retouched images. Using multiple examples we will understand hot to spot issues, and how to get rid of them.

Please note

The following video previews are here to publicly give an idea of the direction I'm taking. To access these you need an active subscription to the Videocourse or Workshop.

Thank you.


Color cast

The most basic, and common, issue we can find in almost any original. What is a color cast, and how to face it.

00:33:47 imageanalysis, Analisi

Double color cast

Examples and solution for images that presents multiple lighting sources, and multiple white balances.

00:33:50 imageanalysis, Analisi


One of the most common, often on purpose, photographic mistakes. Let’s see how to classify, and the hidden challenges that lurks in the shadows.


A similar, but different, issue to underexposure. Difficult for many to evaluate, and often misidentified with lost details in the highlights.

00:33:30 imageanalysis, Analisi

Lack of dynamic range

One of the most overlooked issues at the analysis stage. We’ll also talk about trust, sources and marketing.

00:29:08 imageanalysis, Analisi

Lack of color

Let’s talk about a difficult to identify, and not that common, problem. We will try to understand when we have a lack of saturation, and why.

00:42:01 imageanalysis, Analisi

The camera system

A list of issues that regards the camera, the lens and the sensor. Dead pixels, dust on the sensor, chromatic aberration, distortion, light falloff, moire and blooming.

00:44:42 imageanalysis, Analisi

Lack of contrast

While not a very common issue, it is important to be able to spot it and know how to deal with it. Also, a great chance to talk about histograms.

00:26:37 imageanalysis, Analisi