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Tool Review Trail Introduction

We will isolate the tools we have in Lightroom and Photoshop, to be able to break up our workflows to improve them. We will search for the best, most efficient and easiest to use tools to do the job.


Photoshop tools are peak Photoshop. Developed more than twenty years ago thinking more about math than photography. They represent the best and the worst about Photoshop. They require knowledge, practice, and planning. If unchecked they can easily destroy your image.


Developed twenty after Photoshop’s birth Lightroom grants us with a much modern RAW environment, but even more a place semantically closer to photography: Even thought its tools do not share the flexibility and perhaps fantasy than Photoshop’s ones, they are continuously developed and maintained.

Please note

The following video previews are here to publicly give an idea of the direction I'm taking. To access these you need an active subscription to the Videocourse or Workshop.

Thank you.


Tool Review: White balance

The easiest, and most common tool in any RAW workflow.

00:16:11 lightroom, Lightroom

Tool Reviews: Snapshots

A simple yet essential tool for Lightroom & Camera RAW. Let’s talk about how it works, and why this is a canary in a coal mine for colorists.

Tool Review: Range Mask

An in depth analysis that focus on the best tool Adobe introduced for colorists in the last two decades.

00:45:59 lightroom, Lightroom

Tool Review: Hue Adjustment

An in-depth analysis of the new tool presented by Adobe in the 2020 June update. Also a few comments about the official press release you can find at this link.

00:35:14 lightroom, Lightroom

Tool Review: Split Toning

A tool that was created with a precise goal in mind, but that can be very helpful for colorists, in specific cases.

00:22:07 lightroom, Lightroom


Let’s try to understand how to analyze a tool with such an essential design, but with complex results.

00:22:07 imageanalysis, Analisi


Tool Review: Blend if

A complete analysis of one of the most important, and powerful, tools in Photoshop. From the basic usage t in-depth real world cases.

01:01:15 photoshop, Photoshop

Tool Review: Curves

A tool, and a philosophy, at the very core of Photoshop build and development. Plus a tiny adventure in CMYK.

00:36:21 photoshop, Photoshop

Tool Review: Channel Mixer

An almost forgotten tool, that may be still relevant for some professionals, that agree to invest time on channels.

00:32:05 photoshop, Photoshop

Tool Review: Selective Color

Another ancient tool in Photoshop, that was replaced by the new ones in Camera RAW and Lightroom. Deeply interconnected with Channel Mixer, but much easier to use and understand.

00:22:30 photoshop, Photoshop

Tool Review: Apply image

A staple of the old school, one of the most used tools ever in color correction, let’s see together if it can still be useful today.

00:23:02 photoshop, Photoshop

Tool Review: Calculations

A video that will disappoint many, about a tool that has no more a place in a professional workflow.

00:11:07 photoshop, Photoshop